The most stylish realme 8 together with AIOT products, launched in Sri Lanka;

64MP AI quad camera to ‘In Style. Capture Infinity’

realme is one of the young mobile brands that ventures to redefine the boundaries of the mobile world with their cutting-edge devices. The latest mobile release of realme; the realme 8, was launched recently in Sri Lanka and it is already the talk of the town for its stylish outlook and the unbelievable futuristic mobile features that come along with it. So, here is a sneak-peek of the newest member of the Realme mobile series, for all the young mobile lovers out there who are anticipating new mobile updates.

realme 8 is a mid-range smartphone in the Sri Lankan market that is equipped with high-end mobile features. Starting from its slim and stylish design, realme 8 sets its high standards towards a future-oriented mobile experience. The Super AMOLED display that provides a smooth undisturbed viewing experience also supports always-on display, of course providing the users with a new and convenient experience. Among the other super features, realme 8 possesses that many other mid-range mobiles do not is the massive battery that features fast charging and reverse charging ability.

Another powerful and ground-breaking mobile upgrade that can be experienced is realme 8’s 64MP AI quad-camera setup; one of the finest camera setups in this mobile range, that opens up creative minds to infinite possibilities. Powered by the powerful Helio G95 processor Realme 8 is adapted to provide its users an ultimate processing and entertainment experience.

Realme 8 is one of the trailblazing mobile entrances that we yet witnessed in the first half of 2021. Though it is too soon to make any predictions about the device, it looks like it would create some positive stir, especially among the young mobile users of the country.

Realme 8 & AIOT Product Launch Event of realme Sri Lanka

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